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We are here to Capture the Vision of Your Business!

We create each logo to ensure that it meets all the guidelines of the US Trademark office, in our preferred program Adobe Illustrator. We also provide you with full ownership of your logo, and the various formats listed below:

Formats: AI | EPS | PNG | PDF | JPG | TIFF | Social Media icon

Please fill out the form below to give a detailed description of the type of logo you are requesting. We will contact you with expected completion date. For immediate assistance, please contact us at (903) 251-4990

Custom Logo Designs that Capture the Vision of Your Business!

Our team at the iConnect Businesses Network, LLC can design any logo for your company and/or organization.  We offer Custom Logo Designs to Capture the Vision of Your Business and speaks to the heart of your company.  In addition, we are careful to follow the guidelines and recommendations of the US Trademark and Copyright division.


When we think of ‘popular’ logos – Walmart, McDonalds, and Amazon come to mind. We can easily identify these companies just by their logos. There are also legal ramifications to attempting to use their logo for another business other than theirs.

Our number one priority is to make sure that we create a unique identifiable logo that you can use through the duration of your business.


You may have come up with a great idea for a business name. Even though it is a great name, it is best to do a search for availability in the US Trademark and Copyright search database.  Any names that are inactive or dead can be used. But if the name is alive, then it is already trademarked. You also must do a search through your local secretary of State database to ensure that you are not duplicating your company name. The wonderful thing is about our service, we do all of this for you. We will do a search in all databases to make sure your name is available.

LOGO CREATION – Capture the Vision

A logo is a representation of the identity of your business. Therefore, when we start designing your logo, we want as much input as necessary. This helps us in capturing the essence of your vision. In addition, we use Adobe Illustrator program to design your logo. You are allowed up to 5 changes to your design free of charge!


Once we create a designer logo for you, our customer, we automatically release all rights to your logo to you so you can own the logo for the lifetime of your business.



Custom Logo that with Capture the Vision of Your Business!Here is an example of a customized simple, yet unique logo created by our team here at iConnect Businesses Network, LLC

Formats included in Purchase

AI, EPS, PNG, PDF, JPG, TIFF, Social Media icon


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