Step 2: Paperwork

Step 2

Your Business Paperwork
Business Paperwork

Business Filings


Where do we start?

Most of us have done this at one time or another. We get a great idea to start a business. We work on perfecting our product and or service. Yet, many times, we don’t realize all the paperwork that is involved in starting the business. Getting started with business paperwork is an extremely vital part of business entrepreneurship.  Making sure that your paperwork is in order with the state and government is actually the top priority. It also relieves future headaches that can occur from NOT having the proper paperwork together.


  • Securing the Name of Your Business
    • When you have come up with the name of your business, we will do a search with the Secretary of State in your area to make sure that the name is available. We also will go the extra mile and search the trademark database just to let you know if there is another business operating under that name in the US. We also use this method when creating custom logos.
  • Filing Paperwork with the State or Locally
    • The next step after you have secured the name you want for your business is filing your paperwork. You can choose to do a Sole Proprietorship, LLC or Partnership. We will explain to you the difference so that you can make an informed decision for your company.
  • Filing EIN & Tax ID


Lastly, after we have filed all of the paperwork for you, we then provide you with a copy of the rest of the necessary forms needed for business. We provide you with a W4 form, W9 form, 1099 form for Contractors, and all of your LLC, TAX id, and EIN numbers in a 3 ring binder. Our desire is for you to have a clear understanding your paperwork and filings.



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